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Our Story

"Grandaids started with something small, a simple trip to visit my Grandparents and a simple observation about their Foxtel bill. Over our first cup of tea together, we talked though, updated and renegotiated their cable package to include a better service at a significant discount.


By the time I’d finished my second cup of tea, I was already on the phone to Telstra ready to streamline that service for them too.



Georgie Lewin - Founder 

“Facebook, Uber, Netflix - it all seemed to happen at once and with no assistance in sight.
Janette Bain

Over the ensuing months and year, my grandparents and increasingly their friends called upon me to assist with their online life in a variety of ways. From setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts to stepping through Skype and Uber. Netflix, grocery deliveries and car registration soon followed and the questions kept on coming.

It really hit me, as a member of Generation Y, using all these incredible services had become second nature to me. But for others they never seemed more foreign.

I realised that surely others out there could benefit from the same care and understanding I’d shown my grandparents. Someone to physically be there, guiding them through their personal hurdles.

A personal, patient, assistant whose role is to solely make an online experience an enjoyable one."

Georgie Lewin